Friday, November 5, 2010

Build Communities That Work

I received the following e-mail from I Make America. Please consider joining. When America works, we can build communities that work.

Dear Valerie,

Our communities are hurting. Before the recession, manufacturing contributed over $243.3 billion to the US economy and employed more than 12.5 million employees. That number has dropped significantly - 550,000 jobs have been lost -- that's 2 out of every 25 manufacturing jobs. As the economy continues to struggle, we need to take proven steps to put people back to work. Right here in Illinois, we need to invest in infrastructure to continue being the transportation hub of the country and increase manufacturing jobs in our state.

Please visit today and register your support for Congress to pass a federal infrastructure bill, which would create manufacturing jobs throughout the country.For every $100 invested in our infrastructure, $350 is returned to the economy. For every $1 billion spent on infrastructure, 30,000 jobs are created. We don't have to guess whether these investments will work, or hope they will. We know they do. Manufacturing is needed to supply the steel to build transit systems and bridges, build the equipment and trucks needed to get the job done and protect the workers who make it all possible. Together, we can grow our nation's economy, create jobs and build a safer America!

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