Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've Been Endorsed by the Chicago Chapter-Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

I am deeply honored to have been endorsed by the Chicago Chapter-Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. I have included an excerpt from their website to give more background on them and who they represent.

The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists consists of members from seventy-seven international and national unions with forty two chapters across the country. CBTU seeks to fulfill the dream of those Black trade unionists, both living and deceased, who throughout this century have courageously and unremittingly struggled to build a national movement that would bring all our strengths and varied talents to bear in the unending effort to achieve economic, political and social justice for every American.

The basic objectives of the CBTU are reflected in its activities and projects:

•Improve economic development and employment opportunities for black workers.

•Work within the framework of the trade union movement to provide a voice and vehicle for greater black and minority participation.

•Increase union involvement in voter registration, voter education and voter turnout projects.

•Organize unorganized workers.

•Actively support civil rights and civic groups working to improve living and working conditions in the black community.

•Increase effective political alliances between labor, churches and the general community.
CBTU will continue to support job training initiatives and programs aimed at reducing the black youth unemployment rate, which consistently hovers around 50%. Recognizing the correlation between youth unemployment and education, CBTU chapters continue their support for the public school systems and oppose reduced funding for educational projects and programs, particularly those involving inner city schools.

CBTU will continue to work for protection of consumers from escalating price increase for the four necessities of life: food, energy, housing and medical care, the areas where inflation hits hardest. We oppose cutbacks in social programs, health, welfare, aid to the cities and support services for the disadvantaged until they are replaced with full employment and other necessary safety nets.

We pledge to work in coalition with organized labor and other allies whose mission is consistent with these objectives.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Will Make the Best Candidates Candidates?

The North Lawndale Community News is carrying a story this weekend focusing on the IVI-IPO endorsements. I am deeply honored to have been included representing the 24th Ward. http://www.nlcn.org/?q=node/30

Friday, January 14, 2011

Handouts from Public Health and Safety Town Hall Meeting

I thank everyone who was able to attend our town hall meeting on public health and safety on January 11th.

Here is a testimonial from Dr. Shemuel Israel.

"I enjoyed the town hall meeting very much. Gatanya's info on public benefits is so valuable and Dr. Henderson's lecture on public health in North Lawndale was excellent. We applaud the work of the Dept of Public Health as they funded some of our work in the community. And Valerie, no other candidate in the 24th Ward is doing what you are doing to bring awareness and empowerment to our community."

Here are copies of the handouts.

Agenda-Public Health and Safety Meeting
Public Health and Safety Town Hall Meeting

Guide to Public Benefits

Candidates' Responses to Tribune Questionnaire

Here is a link to candidates' responses to questionnaires for all races, including Citywide offices and aldermanic races. You can click onto the links to read our responses. To the best of my knowledge, there are only links in instances where the candidates responded.http://elections.chicagotribune.com/editorial/

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Experience and Heart

As I have been going about the community campaigning for Alderman of the 24th Ward, many people want to know who I am and what I have done. CHECK OUT my Experience and Heart flyer to see some of my accomplishments as they demonstrate my life-long commitment to public service in the 24th ward and elsewhere. As you will see, my heart has always been with the people.
Flyer_Experience and Heart-2-Color 2[1]

Volunteers Needed

We are headed into the home stretch, and we need all hands on deck. We need people to make phone calls, go door to door and host events. If you are interested, please call 773-521-3137.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

24th Ward Talk

I will be hosting a cable television call in show on Fridays, beginning January 21, 2011, going through February 18th. Download the attached flyer for details.
Flyer Talk Show

Reminder-Come Out to My Town Hall Meeting on Public Health and Safety Tonight

I just wanted to remind you to come out to my town hall meeting on public health and safety tonight. The meeting will go from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Carey Tercentenary AME Church, 1448 South Homan. We will have Dr. Cynthia Henderson do a presentation on the health status of the community, and Gatanya Arnic will provide an overview of public benefits, including medical cards, TANF and Link cards. I will share my platform on public health and safety and provide copies of a resource guide to public benefits and local health resources. All are welcome to attend. You may download copies of handouts from the town hall meetings on education and jobs, economic development and technology at http://vote4valerie.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IVI-IPO Endorsement Provides Momentum to Campaign

Press Release IVI IPO Endorsement

Thanks for Making Me #1

Thanks for making my Online Candidates profile the most popular in the State of Illinois and the United States. My profile has more hits than any other candidate registered on the site, even though some others have been there longer. Check out updates to my Online Candidates Profile.

Handouts from Town Hall Meeting on Jobs, Economic Development and Technology

Press Release-Economic Development Town Hall Meeting Outcome

Jobs, Economic Development and Technology Meeting

The27th Psalm

Jobs, Economic Development, Technology Town Hall Meeting

Chicago Westside Branch NAACP Candidates Forums

I thank Rev. Walter Harris, Pastor of Carey Tercentenary AME Church, for providing information on a series of upcoming candidates' forums for the Mayor and Select Aldermanic races. I will participate in the 24th Ward forum.

Chicago Westside NAACP Candidates Forum Flyer

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I've Been Endorsed by the IVI-IPO!!

Happy New Year. I just received news that I have been endorsed by the Independent Voters-Independent Precinct Organization (IVI-IPO) for Alderman of the 24th Ward. This is a great way for me to start the New Year. God is good!


The IVI–IPO has been in existence since 1944. It has been dedicated to good government activism and an idealistic vision of open, honest government in Illinois through pragmatic means that confront cynicism and corruption with equal force. The organization's primary tools are voter's registration, voter information and candidate endorsement. They also lobby on behalf of governmental reforms designed to open the system and better inform the public on the political process.

The IVI–IPO is a not-for-profit, multi-partisan, independent political organization. Our endorsements reach hundreds of thousands of voters throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Their work on campaign finance and ethics reform in the past and in the present has gotten high marks from all quarters and our commitment to good government is as strong now as it has ever been.

The IVI–IPO Mission Statement

IVI-IPO's mission is to achieve social justice through good government by increasing voter participation and knowledge, by providing a framework for candidate evaluation, and by electing responsive government officials.

You may visit http://www.iviipo.org/2011Endorsements.html to see their full list of endorsements.