Valerie on the Issues

Improving the Quality of Life
for 24th Ward Residents

•Working with CPS to improve quality of education and school facilities so that our children may compete in a global economy
•Eliminating waste from City budgets to hold the lid on property tax increases
•Creating a healthy environment for business growth and job creation
•Creating Crime Free Zones
•Providing opportunities for training and development for new workers and workers who would like to learn new skills
•Building community by increasing internet access for local stakeholders, including seniors, small business owners and students.

Bringing Democracy Back to the 24th Ward

•Participatory Budgeting process in which resident-led committee works with the Alderman to identify and prioritize public improvements
•TIF Advisory Councils made up of a broad base of stakeholders within the TIFs
•Restoration of the Lawndale Community Conservation Council or similar body to guide holistic community and economic development

Involving You!

To learn how you can get involved with this exciting campaign call 773-521-3137, or e-mail Valerie at

Education Platform

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