Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tomorrow's Tribune will include endorsements for Wards 21-30. I've been endorsed by the Tribune.

24th Ward: We had hope for Ald. Sharon Denise Dixon after she was elected four years ago. That hope has evaporated. Final straw: She's suing the Chicago police over her 2009 arrest on DUI charges. Voters may have a hard time sorting through a mind-boggling 18 candidates here, including former Ald. Michael Chandler. The best choice is community development consultant Valerie Leonard, a Northwestern University business school graduate who would bring a wealth of financial expertise to the job. She founded Lawndale Alliance, a community group that's focused on affordable housing, community development and quality schools. So many development hopes have been dashed in this West Side ward. Leonard has the smarts and doggedness to see them through. She will be a leader on education and jobs.



  1. A much deserved endorsement for a well prepared, committed, and brilliant young woman. Hopefully, the citizens of the 24th ward will come out and vote for this native West Sider who will definitely help the ward realize its potential.

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